Attracted to Magnets { Wall DIY }

by Claire Minnaar

Remember this, remember that! When the fridge gets a bit crowded, it’s time to turn to magnet walls. I recently spotted an interactive magnet wall at the aquarium, and I instantly fell in love with the idea.

And who would’ve thought it’s so easy to make yourself? Most hardware stores stock magnetic primer – and it’s as easy as coating your wall with the paint, and waiting for it to dry. To increase the “magnetism” of the wall, apply multiple coats of the paint – up to five or six even!

Initially, I only had the kids’ room in mind, but then I started brainstorming and researching, and quickly realised how endless the possibilities are. Whether you’re 9 or 90, this one’s for you!

  • Turn your dressing table into an organised haven by coating the wall with metallic paint and using it to store your hairclips and mini accessories.
  • Create a magnetic wall in the kids’ room and attach alphabet magnets to help build their vocabulary.
  • Alternatively cut shapes out of magnet sheets to teach little ones visual skills.
  • Make a magnet wall in the kitchen to hold important memos, flyers, schedules and post-its.
  • Coat a wall in the garage with a number of coats, and attach your lighter metallic tools to it.
  • Magnetic walls are perfect for showcasing your favourite memories! Turn a wall in the living room or passage into a magnetic “album”, and post all your recent photos on there.
  • Paint a magnetic strip onto a piece of wood, and attach it to the kitchen wall to store your knives.

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