Bulletin Boards { DIY Lovin’ }

by Claire Minnaar


Running a household is like running a very chaotic office where mom is boss, personal assistant, tea lady and everything in between. Having a bulletin board is therefore essential for running a smooth ship and keeping track of all the hands on deck – here are a couple of nifty DIY pin board ideas to keep family life relatively organised:

  • Replace the back of a large old photo frame with cork board and paint the entire piece in a colour of your choice.
  • Cover the pin board with a fabric or wallpaper to match the colour scheme of your office or kitchen.
  • Why only settle for one big bulletin board? Make a number of small framed boards of various shapes and sizes, and arrange them on the wall to create a focal piece that’s both stunning and practical.
  • Instead of a classic pin board, spin long pieces of string along the length of the wall onto which you can clip memo notes and pictures.
  • Attach an old shutter to the wall and slide your notes into the slots or replace the glass in an old window pane or French door with cork board.
  • Cover one wall in the kitchen or study with black board paint or a thin sheet of magnetic metal.
  • Clip your to-do lists onto the spokes of a recycled bicycle wheel or an old repainted trellis door.
  • Attach seven clip boards to the wall, marked with the days of the week, and clip your daily to-do lists to the individual boards. Alternatively assign each family member their own wall clipboard and keep their individual schedules clipped onto each.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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