It’s Autumn Again! { Kiddies’ Craft Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


Autumn is back and as always, it opens the door to a delightful array of natural craft elements endless DIY possibilities. Have a scroll through these nifty ideas to keep little hands out of trouble in the unpredictable weather conditions that the season is so famous for:

Dried autumn leaves

  • Make natural bunting by simply punching holes in the leaves and threading them onto twine.
  • Employ the leaves as “paint stamps” to create mesmerising designs – dip the leaf in the paint and transfer onto fabric or paper to make your leafy print.
  • Use a variety of leaves, in all shapes and sizes, to “build” pictures on paper.
  • Decopage the leaves onto the sides of tall candles or make votive candle holders by sticking the leaves onto glass containers and placing a candle inside.
  • Use the leaves to create “forest crowns” for the kiddies or animalistic masks like lion or bird faces.


  • Turn the acorns into mini animal figurines, for instance cats or owls, by decorating them with googley eyes and felt embellishments.
  • Leave the acorn tops intact and turn the acorns into little army men which the boys can play with to their hearts’ content.
  • Use spray paint, glitter and bling to decorate the acorns and get a head start on your DIY Christmas decorations.
  • Put the acorn caps to good creative use by indulging in mosaic crafts, or punch holes in the caps to turn them into beads which your little girl can prettify.


  • Combine the pine cones with acorns to create a stunning autumn wreath for the front door.
  • Make a pinecone mobile for the lounge or kiddies’ room by simply using fishing line to suspend the cones from a dried tree branch.
  • Coat the pine cone in peanut butter and roll it in bird seed to create a lovely natural bird feeder for the garden.
  • Use paint, bling, feathers and embellishments to decorate the pine cones and turn them into anything from a mini Christmas tree to a random creature.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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