Make your Blue Jeans Talk

by Claire Minnaar


We’ve all been there – your favourite pair of jeans is getting too old, too scuffed or just too plain tight for everyday wear, but you simply cannot bring yourself to toss ‘em in the bin or give them away. After all, it’s like breaking off a long term relationship! Thankfully, denim goes with everything and even in its shabbiest shape, there’s always something creative you can do with it:

  • Attach recycle jeans pockets to a wooden board and create an organiser for notes, pencils and other goodies.
  • Use denim instead of felt to create brooches for you and durable soft toys for the little ones.
  • Make quick and easy mini bean bags which the kiddies can play toss and catch games with. Simply sew two jeans pockets back to back and fill it with rice or beans.
  • Crop an old jean to about thigh length and use either the front or back section as a “craft apron”; wind a ribbon through the belt loops which then ties behind your back.
  • Turn the top section of a pair of jeans into a nifty handbag by simply cropping it where you want and sewing up the bottom part.
  • Use the leg section of an old pair of jeans as quick and nifty cover for a coffee tin or pot plant holder, or even a convenient yoga mat carry bag.
  • Add a little character to a new piece of denim by scuffing it up with an old cheese grater or use bleach and dye to change the colour of the denim to suit your requirements.
  • Use different shades of denim to make an interesting selection of scatter cushions, bunting or a denim quilt.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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