Recycling a Garden Hose { DIY Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


Perhaps the hose pipe has simply had its days or maybe you’ve hung up your gardening gloves for good – either way, there’s no reason why the garden hose should end up in the rubbish bin. Here are a couple of innovative ways to reuse and recycle this ol’ faithful:

  • Use lengths of garden hose to child- and baby-proof sharp edges and corners in and around the house.
  • Make a front door or garden mat! Simply wind a piece of hose into a tight coil and glue it together, or place lengths of hose side by side for a different design.
  • Use a piece of hose to cover bare chains on a swing set – the perfect way to prevent little hands from getting pinched by the links.
  • Make a slit down the side of the hose and clamp it around loose wires and cables to keep it neat and tidy, as well as to avoid any sort of safety hazard.
  • Slide a length of pipe over the handle of a bucket, garden shears or scissors for an easy and comfortable grip.
  • Tie two lengths of hose to the stem of a tree sapling as support or make a scarecrow with a twist! The idea is to turn a piece of hose into a garden snake to scare birds away from your veggies and fruit trees.
  • With its resilient “skin”, a piece of pipe makes the ideal doggie chew toy – an excellent way to keep pups away from your couches and shoes.
  • Pad the corners of the garage door with hose pipe, to avoid damaging your car on those mornings when your aim is a little off.

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