Milk Bottles/Cartons Fun

by Claire Minnaar


If ever you need to get the kiddies to drink more milk, these craft ideas should serve as good motivation:

  • Poke holes in the cap of the milk bottle and use it as a nifty alternative to a watering can.
  • Collect milk cartons and let the kiddies decorate them to resemble houses and buildings – ideal for a DIY toy-town!
  • Build an igloo out of milk bottles! It’s not all that tricky – simply poke holes in the sides of the bottles and use cable ties to connect them to one another.
  • Turn the milk bottles into fun and cute little elephants, cutting it so that the handle becomes the elephant’s trunk.
  • Decorate the milk carton and cut a hole in the side to make an adorable bird’s house to hang in a tree in the garden.
  • Tip the milk carton or bottle on its side, cut open the side panel and make a little boat – ideal for bath time fun!
  • Use empty milk bottles to store rice and pasta (for easy pouring) or chemicals like extra bubble bath or dishwashing liquid (purchased in bulk).
  • Thanks to the waterproof nature of these containers, they’re ideal for planting and nurturing little seedlings or herb plants.
  • Collect milk cartons, clean them out and decorate to use as party boxes at the next kiddies birthday party.
  • Make fun votive candle holders for family holidays like Christmas or Halloween, by cutting a design into the side of the container and placing a candle inside.

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