Ballerina Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar


Next to “princess”, “ballerina” is probably the career of choice for most little twinkle toed twinkies!


5 to 12, though strictly speaking it can be adapted to suit the taste of any girly girl of any age.

Colour scheme

Soft ballerina pink and white, with dollops of rose pink, grey, silver and neutrals.

Look & Feel

Pink, pink everywhere! Stick ballerina vinyl stickers on the wall and hang laser-cut designs, pink Chinese lanterns, pinwheels and pom-poms from the ceiling. Construct a mini ballerina stage out of crates and hang pink bunting and fairy lights on the walls. You can also add to the enchanting ambiance by hanging mosquito net over the party table and adorning the walls with dramatic frames and mirrors.

Eats & Treats

Serve all things pink, dainty and girly! Pink and white marshmallows, candy floss, milkshakes, fairy cakes and cupcakes – all covered in pink and silver cake glitter, of course. You can also go the somewhat elaborate route with a chocolate fondue or have the little ones decorate their own cupcakes. In terms of the birthday cake, opt for a Barbie doll turned ballerina or go with something a bit more abstract like a bedazzled pink ombre cake or a frills and ruffles creation.

Fun & Games

Spoil the little princesses with pink tutus which you can easily construct yourself using pink netting and elastic. Alternatively, go the Swan Lake route with princess crowns and wands. Play ballerina music and challenge the girls to come up with their own routines, or set out fabrics and decorations with which they can create their own ballerina costumes.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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