The Child Whisperer: The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children

by Claire Minnaar


I bought The Child Whisperer a few months ago after seeing some amazing reviews about the book.

Buying it was pretty much as far as I got with it though and it’s been sitting on my table, bookshelf and wherever else it got moved by someone in the house until finally, I started reading it last week.

If there was a book to recommend reading if you have kids, this is it. The lady Carol who has written the book has a lovely way of writing and explaining and it’s not long winded in the least. It provides real like “stories” from other Moms, making the concepts that Carol is sharing clearer and easy to relate to.

So, what is it about?

The book shares the concept of there being 4 types of children personalities. For simplicity purposes, the “types” are referred to Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4.

By understanding the different types, you are able to identify which type your child falls under and you are able to really start understanding why your children react the way they do to certain situations.

For example, I have identified that Ethan (my eldest) is a Type 1. He shows ALL the characteristics and I can relate to the stories shared by other Type 1 Moms completely. I am now using the recommended techniques and ways of dealing with Type 1’s with Ethan and I’ve already seen a difference in his manner and how he responds to things.

Why read it?

If you find your child challenging or you find yourself complaining about your child to others about certain characteristics or things they constantly are doing that frustrate or annoy you, then that already is one reason you should consider reading this book.

Sometimes, the reason we are complaining about our kids is because of US and is not actually about THEM. For example, you complain your child talks too much (I’m totally guilty of this as mine really is a blabber mouth) – could this possibly be about you not feeling like listening, talking, dealing with noise, etc?

If you are looking for a new way of looking at how your child sees and experiences the world and you are keen to understand and honour the little being you have a hand in creating, this book is really worth a read.

Nurturing your child’s “type” will only boost your child’s esteem and confidence in the long term and it will potentially save you a lot of effort and time and emotions around not being able to handle or deal with your child / children on a daily basis.

In a nutshell, this book provides clarity on what is important to your child (emotionally, mentally and even physically) and by you understanding that, you are able to start communicating and forming better or stronger bonds.

As parents, we naturally face challenges with our kids – it’s part of the process of being a parent. This book is definitely a great guide to helping you work through those challenges.


I loved this book! It’s an easy read and has no big, fancy words which is a pet hate of mine for many books. It’s to the point and not long-winded and it really has opened my eyes to a different way of “seeing” my kids and relating to them. I have therefore given this book a 100% review because it’s worth the investment PLUS having understood the different types that the author, Carol, talks about – I have come to understand more about myself.

Where to Buy

I personally haven’t seen this book in any book stores locally, but it’s obviously available online from a variety of online stores.


More Information

Psst! If you do have this book already OR buy this book and read it – would love to hear your comments on it too!

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