Angry Birds Theme Party

by Claire Minnaar


There are few families who haven’t yet been overtaken by Angry Birds! If yours is one of them, you’re all set for a theme for your next kiddies’ birthday party – here are some ideas:


7 and up! This theme can be adapted for most ages and is suitable for both boys’ and girls’ parties.

Look & Feel

Firstly, Mom, go play a round of Angry Birds so that you can draw inspiration from the actual game. For starters, you’ll want Angry Birds everywhere – decorate coloured balloons or Chinese lanterns to resemble the birds, stick vinyl bird stickers on the walls, hang cut-outs from the ceiling. In turn, change paper plates into Enemy Pigs and hang these from the ceiling to make them “fly”.

Eats & Treats

Instead of a cake, opt for cake pops or cupcakes that are decorated in the colours of the different Angry Birds. Serve cups of green flavoured crushed ice (“smashed piggies”) or perhaps even something more traditional like pigs in blankets (sausage rolls). Fill tall vases with multi-coloured sweeties like bubble gum, Astros and jelly beans that resemble ammunition, and be sure to have chocolate “birds’ eggs” scattered across the table.

Fun & Games

Have a variety of safe catching and “shooter” games, dividing the kiddies into teams of Angry Birds and Enemy Pigs. What’s more, you can also set up a number of targets of various sizes and scores which the little guests need to knock down with balls, slingshot, catapult or beanbags. Alternatively, arrange for a piggy piñata to be delivered on the day and request that the kiddies come dressed as Birds.

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