Plates Aplenty { Paper Plate Crafts }

by Claire Minnaar


Over and above braai time and picnic time, paper plates have multiple uses – especially during holiday time when the kiddies need entertaining! Here are a couple of easy craft ideas to get them going:

  • Cut the paper plate in a spiral and decorate it to look like a squiggly snake. Then, use a piece of string or a thumbtack to attach the tail to the ceiling for a cute hanging room decoration.
  • Make paper plate necklaces! Simply cut out the middle section of the plate so that you’re left with the outer ring. Decorate it and make a slit in the “necklace” so kids can slip it around their necks.
  • Make a banjo by winding elastic bands around the paper plate. Attach the plate to a long ruler or light wooden slat, and you’re ready to start a family ensemble.
  • Paper plates are ideal for making any kind of kiddies’ mask. It’s really as simple as cutting mouth- and eyeholes in the plate and attaching an elastic band, before the decorating fun can commence.
  • Celebrate winter with a paper plate snowman, using a small plate for the head and a standard size for the body. Decorate with buttons and paper.
  • Let the kids make their very own ring-toss game. For the rings, cut out the middle sections of the paper plates and decorate the outer rings. For the target, secure a long paper towel roll on a piece of durable cardboard.
  • Turn the plate into a clock with which to teach the little ones to read time. The hands can be made out of paper and attached with a splitpin.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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