MiP Robot by WowWee

by Claire Minnaar


Firstly, I need to say that this review was probably one of the most challenging to date. The reason is simple, it is a super cool robot toy and I have three boys (2 kids + 1 hubby) enough said!!

Un-boxing the MIP Robot should be simple and it is, but with the boys all eager to get a look there were fights over who gets to touch it first. We did eventually negotiate where everyone got  turn, and hours of fun was to be had.

Meet MIP

Before I continue with my review of the Robot, lets get down to the basics of What WowWee’s MIP Robot is. 


What makes this robot amazing is it has an amazing ability to balance on two wheels and stabilise itself, even when you add loads to it. If you add an object for it to carry onto his tray (separate accessory included in box), it automatically compensates for the additional weight. This is amazing technology that I have also seen recently in quad-copters.

This autonomous robot is more than just a toy. Powered by an iOS or Android smartphone, your eyes will light up at what MiP™ can do. Connecting MiP to your phone is really where the fun begins. If you have an Android, or IOS compatible phone, your robot will come alive!

From the basics of remotely controlling him / her, forward backwards, left, right and spin to drawing a path on your device and watch as MiP follows the exact path you have drawn. There are also game, music (yes MiP can dance) and fight modes (requires another MiP).

The kids love the various functions on the phone. For example there is a “can” function which allows you to choose different mood cans. Choose a sleep can and MiP snores and falls over. Choose a “Funky” can and  he gets down to the music and spins around. You can even choose music on your phone / tablet and he will dance to that too. 


Below is a list of the more specific features of MiP, but I can honestly say that the whole family has really enjoyed MiP or “da man” as my youngest son, Jake, calls him. He would make a welcome and fun addition to the family.

From a “Pros and Cons” perspective, I cannot see any cons other than perhaps MiP being a little more expensive than your average toy. That is to be expected though considering the technology that has been packed into this little guy.


The Pros, MiP is guaranteed to entertain the whole family and has a loads of functions that make it a really unique toy. We even got ours to be useful by bringing the TV remote when we needed it (pity it is not by voice command yet ;))

We have had MiP for a while now and still learn about new things he can do. Plus, he’s gone down very well with friends kids too and generally speaking, kids smile from ear to ear when MiP is in action!

Tech Specs


Thanks to our innovative equipment, MiP™ responds to motions, be it your hand or an object. Effortless navigation, MiP™ is always trying to please! The boys have loads of fun with this. Use easy gestures for follow me , stop etc.


Your new buddy likes to have fun, and invites you to join. Show some praise, and MiP™ will be your new best friend, but push it down, and you’re in for an angry robot!


Use your hand motions to direct your robot. MiP™ will follow! Modes are really cool and the kids loved switching modes on MiP buy turning one of the wheels until the colour on Mips chest changes to the corresponding mode. Modes include the following:

  • Tracking – the ultimate version of follow the leader and watch MiP™ precisely track your hands,
    legs, or any other object of your choice.
  • Dance – with a flip of a switch MiP™ becomes the life of the party. With more than one MiP™,
    dances can even be choreographed.
  • Roam – Watch MiP™ explore and react to the environment. Highly responsive to surroundings,
    MiP™ detects objects in the way, acknowledges them, avoids them, and keeps on going.
  • Tricks – Have fun with this one, to the tune of up to 50 commands. MiP lets you program
    different sequences of action. Swipe your hand in all directions, clap twice, and MiP™ will play it
    back. Anything you can do, MiP™ can do better.
  • Cage – MiP™ is in a virtual cage. It’s your turn to prevent his escape by blocking all the exits.
  • Stack – Stack as many objects as you can on MiP’s tray before the timer runs out! Be amazed at
    all that MiP can carry!

 IOS and Android App:


Where to Buy

MiP™ is perfect for that child of all ages – even those “boys with toys” who have every latest techy gadget. More than just a toy, MiP™ comes with a free app (available via the iStore or Google Play) that links via BlueTooth
to your smart device.

The smartphone app also contains even more games and modes including Boxing – pair MiP™ up with a friend, Battle – fire lasers at your opponent, Path – create a journey for MiP™ with the swipe of a finger. There is no limit to the high-tech fun to be had with MiP™.

MiP™ is now available in South Africa at selected retail outlets nationwide at the recommended retail price of R1 799.00

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