by Claire Minnaar

Bathrooms are generally the last place we start to decorate as it simply doesn’t have that same charm about it as the living room, kitchen and bedroom, right? Wrong. Next to your bedroom the bathroom is one of the key relaxation hot spots in your home, and let’s face it – who can enjoy a bubble bath in a clinical room that resembles a cold storage chamber? Time to give your bathroom a face lift!

  • Don’t be afraid to add dashes of colour in the form of bathmats,
  • Hang paintings and pictures on the wall – after all, why should the bathroom be treated any differently to other rooms?
  • Display your bath salts, foam bath, cotton balls and soaps in interesting containers like cookie jars, baskets and sugar pots.
  • Always have a vase of fresh flowers or flourishing pot plants in the bathroom to remind you of Mother Nature’s tranquil spirit.
  • Tear out the bland bathroom cabinets and replace it with interesting open shelves and storage baskets.
  • Hang one big mirror or a number of mirrors on the wall to make the space look less compact.
  • Use a cake stand to display your cosmetics and brushes.
  • Coloured towels are probably the easiest way to add colour to the room, so instead of hiding your fluffy spare towels away, display them on a shelf, in a basket or on brass hooks.
  • Set the mood with beautiful wall lighting or a magnificent hanging chandelier.
  • When it comes to painting the walls, choose two colours that lie close to one another on the colour wheel. Play around with different patterns, like horizontal lines or vertical panels.
  • Bring outdoor décor indoors – use a step ladder as a towel rack, an enamel or wooden pail for fresh wash cloths, and terracotta planters for cosmetics and brushes.
  • Nail an old suitcase to the wall by its base to create your very own vintage medicine cabinet.
  • Fill the bathroom with plenty of candles and have a magazine rack nearby for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Here’s some inspiration for you – enjoy!

For more ideas on Bathrooms or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Bathroom Decor Ideas Pinterest Board!

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