There’s a SNAKE in my Garden and it’s PLAYING with my KIDS!

by Claire Minnaar

A few weeks ago while we were doing some work in our garden, we found a little mole snake. There was a few “aahs” and “oohs” from us while showing our 3 year old (and SERIOUSLY excited) Ethan this beautiful little creation of nature (don’t let that thing near me by the way, unless you fancy having your ear drums burst!). After that incident, we explained that if you see a snake, you don’t touch it or go near it – you call Mom and Dad.

So, yesterday, Ethan was playing outside and he lifts a box we had in the back yard. Underneath, is this long-ass snake that goes “Ssssss” at him! He runs inside and shouts “snake! snake!”. I was working inside and didn’t hear him. Our one au pair here is fearless with animals and goes outside and keeps it at bay with a broomstick. We phone around and get some help and get told that it’s a Cape freaking Cobra! My heart sank…..what if this child had gotten bitten? Would we have known what to do? We may not have even known in time! The thought still sends shivers down my spine.

I moved from the city to Hermanus just over 3 months ago. The chance of finding a snake in your garden there is SERIOUSLY unlikely and when moving here, I never even considered the thought of snakes or dangerous animals. What else have I not considered?

This incident has really gotten me thinking. Do you have a list of contact numbers or numbers you can call in the event of something like this happening? What happens if your child gets bitten?

If you guys don’t have an emergency contact list somewhere that you know who to call, MAKE ONE….TODAY! We all think these things won’t happen to us or the likelihood is SOOO small, but in reality – when it does happen, you don’t want to be put from one phone number or extension to another which IS what happened to me yesterday.

Here are the numbers I would suggest you start with:

  • Emergency medical services
  • Poison Control Center
  • Hospital emergency room
  • Fire department
  • Closest Police department
  • Your Child’s Doctor (after hour contact numbers as well and I suggest for both Paed and General Doctor)
  • Your different numbers at work, cell, etc
  • Grandparent’s cell phones, landlines and/or pager
  • Neighbours and/or relatives
  • Pharmacy + After Hours Numbers
  • Ambulance
  • Sea Rescue

Here are a few references you can check out to get started:

We all hope you don’t need these lists, but it really could save a life and when there’s an emergency, it will save you a heap of time! So, get cracking on those numbers and put it on your fridge or somewhere you WILL remember and SEE it!

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1 comment

Ursula November 7, 2012 - 12:21 pm

Love this post and your advice! You are completely right – every household especially with kids should have such an emergency list!

We do not have any dangerour snakes here in Germany … but I did have a emergency phone number for a poison call center on my pin board for years now … and surely I actually once had to use it!
(Everything was fine.)
Often we keep telling ourselves that we easily can search for phonenumbers when we need them on the internet. But trust me – I have been there – you really do not want to have to switch on your computer and search for some stupid numbers if you are alone with a little child that is in pain or needs help or there is some type of emergency. You just want to punch in the number where you can get help!
I am really bad with numbers so I have a list with phone numbers on our family pinboard – but I really should update it! Since we moved many numbers have changed and even though I have put up a new list not every thing is on there that should be. It really does not take that long to just jot down some numbers – and put them in your mobile as well while you are on it! – if you ever need them quickly you will be so thankful!




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