Brickland Product Review

by Claire Minnaar


I was sent 2 packs of Brickland items to review and I’m thoroughly impressed. My eldest son, Ethan, is 5 and he couldn’t wait to get started when he saw the cover on the box. There’s always something about building with kids that makes them get terribly excited. And, I have to admit, these types of toys take me back to when I was a kid – I absolutely loved these types of building toys!

We received these 2 boxes of Brickland products:

Empire – King’s Escort (R175)


Scout Team (R150)



Product Review

  • The packaging of the product was great and, even better, the results of building the sets DID look like the cover on the box.
  • Instructions included were clear and easy to follow, so I have to say there are no complaints there.
  • There are a number of small pieces, so one needs to be careful about little children and small parts and also losing pieces.
  • The pieces are very similar to the Lego type pieces, so there’s no severe learning curve that a child (or parent) has to go through in order to put the sets together.
  • The pieces, are compatible with Lego which I personally think is absolutely fantastic! So, if you have any Lego pieces lying around, you can use the items from Brickland to continue building with your Lego collection, so it’s super versatile!
  • The Brickland website is easy to use and I personally feel the cost of the goods isn’t bad. Lego has becoming extremely expensive, so this particular brand is a great alternative as it is more affordable.
  • This type of toy, from what I could tell, promotes concentration. My 5 year old doesn’t like to concentrate for long periods of time and this setting up of helicopters, cars and carriages most certainly kept his mind entertained.

I’m a huge fan of toys that brings kids and parents together. Brickland sets most definitely do just that. Ethan and Ryan had a great time putting everything together and playing with the setup sets afterwards.

My personal feeling is Brickland sets offer a fun and more affordable alternative to Lego making it ideal for those who don’t want to spend as much or are even looking to buy a more affordable gift for a child. Brickland offers a wide range of sets to choose from for both Girls and Boys, so you can have fun browsing the various sets and finding ones to add to your shopping list.

All Brickland items can be purchased on their website.

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