Kick-start with Kale { 15 Benefits }

by Claire Minnaar


Popeye might have vowed by his spinach, but it’s not a patch on kale! This newly discovered leafy vegetable has been a hot topic in health forums lately, where it’s commonly known as “the world’s healthiest food” – and rightly so! Here are just some of the many benefits packed into a luscious bunch of kale leaves:

  1. Very low in calories – approximately 36 calories per cup.
  2. Contains zero fat which makes it the ideal weight-loss food.
  3. High in fibre for improved digestion and a healthy tract.
  4. Packed with iron – in fact, it contains more than beef!
  5. Assists with liver function and encourages healthy cell growth.
  6. High in vitamin K, to prevent blood clotting and boost healthy bone growth.
  7. Full of essential antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids which for an excellent detox food.
  8. An excellent anti-inflammatory food to help fight arthritis and asthma.
  9. Packed with lutein and zeaxathin which help prevent UV rays from damaging the eyes.
  10. High in Omega-3 for improved brain function and development.
  11. Can help reduce cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular function.
  12. Best sources of beta-carotene which helps prevent cancer, heart disease and age-related chronic diseases.
  13. Contains more calcium than milk, for strong bones and teeth and a healthy metabolism.
  14. Packed with Vitamin A, promoting healthy skin and metabolism.
  15. High in Vitamin C for a strengthened immune system.

While kale can be rather bland on its own, you can add it to health smoothies and soups, bake it into a quiche or pasta, sauté it with onions and garlic, or use it to substitute lettuce in a green salad.

Psst: Check out this Kale Smoothie Recipe packed with nutrients for you.

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