Pocket Plants { Floating Greenery }

by Claire Minnaar


When you run out of space to plant, where do you go next? The answer: Pockets! Whether hanging from the wall or suspended from the porch rafters, these nifty planter pot alternatives introduce a contemporary edge into any space.

Plant pockets are especially ideal in the sense that they are highly economical, costing you next to nothing and taking up hardly any space. So even if you live in a flat three storeys up, a pocket plant will introduce a little greenery into your life.

When selecting your plant, it’s important to look for one that can survive in a small amount of soil considering pockets can only accommodate a handful or so. Succulents are by far one of the more suited plants as they require little care and even less water. It’s also essential that you check on the soil levels regularly and pack the pocket with sufficient fertiliser.

Pocket plants don’t require as much as attention as a full garden and they’re especially perfect for the kitchen, housing a variety of interesting herbs within convenient reach of the cooking pots. What’s more, they provide a fun and simple way of keeping the young ones occupied and will help cultivating their love of nature and gardening.

So what type of pockets are we talking about here? Well, the options are literally endless – from plastic and pottery to burlap and raw cotton. Whatever container you opt for, the key mandatory is always sufficient drainage, so be sure to punch holes in the bottom of the pocket if needed.

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