Rock My World { Craft Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar

Rocks. They’re everywhere. Especially if you have two boys who tend to bring their “treasures” inside and leave them all around the house! So lately I’ve been thinking of ways to turn said treasures into real treasures – or rather useful treasures.

After scouring the internet for ideas, here are a few crafts that I’ll be trying soon:

  • Pebble Naughts and Crosses – I can only imagine that these would make great gifts! Simply paint Xs and Os on pebbles, and pack them in a little bag with a grid painted on top.
  • Stone Planter Pots – An excellent way to turn drab plastic planter pots into fab statement pieces!
  • Rock Candle Holders – Stack a few rocks on top of one another, glue them together and pop a candle on top (secured with wax).
  • Alphabet Rocks – Instead of blocks, use rocks! Paint letters on rocks and use them in lessons to teach new words.
  • Wire Pouches – This is one I’ve seen in quite a few home stores. Using wire and mesh, create a wire “pouch” in the shape of your choice (hearts are by far the most popular), and then fill it with rocks before hanging on the wall.
  • Muddy Mats – Make your own doormat by glueing pebbles onto a simple car mat – in any pattern of your choice!
  • Paper Weights – This last one is really more for the kids, next time you’re out of holiday ideas. After all, a few jars of paint and a stone or three can make for plenty of artistic fun!
  • Pet Rocks – This is a cute idea and allows little ones to use their imagination. They can create a pet that does exist “in real life”, but in their head or an everyday pet – the beauty of this one is it’s the most affordable pet you will ever have!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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