Bathroom Bliss { Storage Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


The bathroom is one of those rooms that has the potential to either be the most spectacular room in the house or the most ghastly. To stop your bathroom from turning into the latter, it’s important to keep it clean and organised – here are a couple of ideas and tips for beautiful bathroom storage:

  • Cabinets tend to get messy very quickly as they serve as quick “hiding places”. So consider replacing them with open shelves which are easy to keep neat and tidy.
  • Put a cake or cupcake stand to good and practical use – ideal for holding your hand lotions, nail polishes, soaps and pretty little washcloths.
  • Floating shelves are an excellent way to make use of excess wall space – for instance above the bath or toilet – and are ideal for displaying your luxurious selection of bath products.
  • Turn an old book case into a convenient “chest of drawers” by sliding baskets onto each of the shelves.
  • Build your own storage shelf by stacking a number of painted wooden crates on top of one another.
  • When there is no more wine left for the sipping, a wooden or wire wine rack makes the perfect storage space for rolled up towels!
  • Prop an old wooden ladder up against one wall and use it to hang towels and store toilet rolls, bubble baths and so forth.
  • Terracotta planter pots are ideal for holding bath salts, cotton balls and fresh washcloths. What’s more, they’re affordable and can be painted to match the colour scheme of your bathroom.

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