DIY Flowers { Choose your Colour }

by Claire Minnaar

When Mother Nature can’t give you the colours you are looking for, for your flowers, it’s time for Mom to get creative!

This is such fun and kids will love doing it! Plus, you get to add some colour and decor to your home.

A little tip though: Get those aprons on to save on stains.

Method 1: With Food colouring

With the food colouring method, the food colouring is absorbed through the flower’s stem.

  • Choose any light or pale coloured flower(s) as well as your food colouring colour of choice.
  • Mix warm water and your food colouring in a vase. For a more bolder coloured flower, use more food colouring.
  • Cut the flowers stems at a 45-degree angle and place them in the vase. **
  • Allow the flowers to sit for approximately 6 hours or even overnight. The longer you leave the flowers in the water, the more vibrant the colours will become.
  • When ready, trim the stems again and place the flowers in clear warm water. Add flower food and enjoy your colourful flower creation!

** Alternative Tip: If you would like a flower to have more than one colour, split the stem halfway in a vertical angle to create more than one stem. Place each piece of the stem in a different little jar filled with a different coloured food colouring.

Method 2 & 3 – Dip dye & Spray dye

For both of these dye methods, the flowers are coated in an actual dye formulation.

  • Florist dye and floral spray dye – these can be purchased / found from your local florist.
  • Choose light / pale or even dark coloured flowers that are in full bloom. If you opt for pale colour, the lighter flowers will turn a pastel colour and darker flowers will turn a darker colour.

For the dip-dye:

  • Pour your dye into a bowl.
  • With each flower, dip the flower heads in the dye – don’t do all the flowers at once, this should be done individually. Hold the flower there for a few seconds while turning the flower to ensure a smooth coat.
  • Place flowers in vase(s) and allow them time to dry thoroughly.
  • If you aren’t happy with the colours after drying, you can repeat the process again.

For spray dye:

  • Spray the flowers individually with the spray canister (hold approx. 40cm from the flower) – this should ideally be done by an adult.
  • Follow the steps described above as for dip dyeing.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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