Ladder Loveliness { Nifty Décor }

by Claire Minnaar


Here’s an idea that even hubby will be keen to get on board with! While step ladders work the best in most cases (less risk of falling over and all that jazz), normal upright ladders can work just as well. Just remember to stick a piece of felt on the legs that will be leaning up against the walls so that they don’t damage the paint. Let’s look at a couple of ideas for stepping up your home décor with a step ladder or six:

  • Use a ladder out on the porch or garden as vertical plant display rack or herb garden.
  • Turn ladders into a nifty set of shelves – use two ladders as supports and long planks as shelves.
  • Arrange candles on the ladder rungs to create a fancy illuminated focal piece for your living room.
  • Hang the ladder on the wall, horizontally, and use it as a display case or narrow shelving unit.
  • Use the ladder in the bedroom to hang bits and bobs like your necklaces, scarves and hubby’s ties on.
  • Slide baskets onto the steps of the step ladder for a stylish and practical shelving unit.
  • Place the ladder against a wall in the bathroom to hang towels over, or in the living room for throws or magazines.
  • Suspend the ladder in a horizontal position from the ceiling above your dining room table or kitchen-island, and hang lights, decorations or utensils from it.
  • Display a variety of mini floral arrangements on the ladder for an almost dainty and farm-fresh décor piece.
  • Attach a selection of your favourite family pictures, notes and mementos to the sides and steps of the ladder.

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