Popsicle Sticks { Recycled Crafts }

by Claire Minnaar


One thing’s for sure – you certainly won’t have trouble collecting enough popsicle sticks when you have kids around! Popsicle sticks are not only easy to acquire but also quick to paint – from standard food colouring or acrylic paint, anything goes. Here are a couple of ideas for recycling the little suckers into something a little more useful:

  • Painted popsicle sticks are the ideal tool for teaching youngsters to count and do math.
  • Make a popsicle puzzle by cutting a picture into narrow strips (that match the width of the sticks) and then gluing it on.
  • Stack and arrange three or four popsicle sticks on top of one another to create a windmill shape. Stick a pin through the middle and attach it to a dowel to make your very own pinwheels.
  • Use four sticks to create a cute photo frame! Once decorated, stick magnets on the back and pop it up on the fridge for friends and family to ooh and aah over.
  • Put the sticks to practical use in your herb or vegetable garden, writing the name of the herb on the stick and then planting it alongside the seedling.
  • Make popsicle coasters! Place the sticks side by side then place two sticks across and glue it on to hold the entire lot together.
  • Let the kiddies make popsicle puppets by decorating the ends of the sticks with eyes and felt.
  • Glue popsicle sticks onto a recycled can to make a handy pencil holder.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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Jacoline August 5, 2014 - 2:04 pm

I cannot wait for my little boy to grow up so we can get creative like this!


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