Hoist the Flags

by Claire Minnaar

Bunting is fun, colourful, super easy to make and a fun project that even the kids can help with – some quality mother-and-child time. However often one asks the question: Once I’ve made it, what on earth do I use it for? The answer is: Whatever your imagination can conjure up!

  • Paper- or crinkle paper bunting is the perfect decoration for parties, especially kiddies birthday parties. Use old scraps of coloured, textured or patterned paper and even old bits of wallpaper.
  • Use old scraps of fabric to create more permanent bunting to brighten up the living room, kiddies’ playrooms and even the bedroom. Instead of double sided tape, you’ll simply fold over the edge and sew a little “tunnel” for the string to run through.
  • Instead of picture frames, thread your pictures on to string and hang your photo bunting in the passage.
  • If you’re not one for lights and wreaths, decorate the house with red, green and gold bunting over the festive season.
  • When hosting an outdoor get-together or family braai, decorate the trees with fabric bunting, or even the table.
  • Instead of the traditional welcome mat, hang “welcome” bunting in the entrance hall.
  • Play around with different shapes of bunting, like triangles, half moons and rectangles – also great for a toddler’s room.
  • Make ABC or 123 bunting for the playroom – both pretty and educational.
  • Throw out the old traditional headboard and hang a line of festive bunting over the bed.
  • When your daughter outgrows or gets tired of the mosquito net or hangings on her four-poster bed, replace it with fabric bunting.

For more ideas on Bunting Ideas for the Home or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out the Bunting Ideas for the Home Pinterest board!

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