Fitchef Question: Is it safe for Moms and Moms-to-be?

by Claire Minnaar


I remember when I was pregnant and was still breastfeeding, that I was like a mad women checking all ingredients and making sure that what I was putting in my mouth wouldn’t have a negative effect on baby or me. When breastfeeding, there are often no-nos on what to eat that could have an effect on baby with their winds and if you have a colic baby, so I asked Fitchef the question about whether this is a product suitable for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

So, is Fitchef meals and smoothies suitable for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Moms?

YES! Fitchef is probably the best choice (apart from preparing your own organic/free range/grass-fed meals) for any pregnant mum or breastfeeding mum. The main reason for this is it is CLEAN FOOD.

The food is well prepared frozen foods that have nutrients locked in. And, controlled wholefood portions gives you the fullness factor that leaves mum-to-be satisfied (and with less stress because she had more time to do other things). This way she controls her weight and manages her nutrition without having to plan it all out in advance. She simply orders in and we supply her meal plan + meals for the week or month.

With all the horror stories about smoothies these days, Fitchef is the easiest way to get all those vitamins for Mom and baby in.

MOST important for mum-to-be is variety in her food intake and we would therefore suggest adding a raw mixed salad as snacks in between meal times… but slow on the fruit: only 2 raw fruits a day or 2 smoothies maximum.

The FGS smoothie is very good at alkalizing the digestive system (spinach, cos lettuce, apple, pear and banana). Alternate or add one of the other smoothies per day to maximise rainbow nutrition and natural fibres (COBA – carrot, orange, butternut, apple / GAP – beetroot, grape, apple etc).

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