Shape a Samie { Bread + Cookie Cutters }

by Claire Minnaar


So the kiddies are nagging you to bake biscuits again, but let’s be honest – it’s really just the opportunity to use cookie cutters that’s got them so fired up! But cookies are time consuming and unhealthy, and whoever said cookie cutters are for baking cookies and nothing more?

  • Using cookie cutters to cut samies is the ideal way to not only get out of baking cookies for the third time this week, but also to get the little ones to munch the healthy goodies on their plate. Here’s what I mean:
  • Use cookie cutters to cut the bread into interesting shapes before dipping it in egg and making French toast.
  • When making sandwiches, cut a “peephole” in one slice of bread to give your little one a hint of what’s on the sandwich.
  • Make eggy sandwiches by cutting a shape into the slice of bread and then breaking an egg in it once the slice is in the pan.
  • Spread a slice of bread with jam and top it with a second “cookie-cut” slice. Then, fill the hole with fruits like strawberries, blueberries or banana slices.
  • Get your kids to eat brown or whole wheat bread by cutting a shape into the centre and then replacing it with the same shape cut from white bread.
  • Cookie-cut sandwiches are a great way to teach little ones to sort and match up shapes.
  • Cut bread, cold meats, slices of cheese and cucumber into similar shapes and let the little ones assemble their own shaped “tower samies”.

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