Here’s One Less Thing You Have To Worry About

by Claire Minnaar


We know you don’t always have it easy. Let alone ensuring your child grows up in one secure piece in this rather unforgiving world, you’ve also got to navigate your way through planning your family finances, homework, teenage angst, first loves, first heartbreaks, late night phone calls and a whole other uncategorized group of things that they don’t mention in any books. But perhaps the most important – and sometimes overlooked – element to remember is nutrition and diet – for both yourself and your family. In the age of fast food and ready-made meals, it’s easy to forget about wholesome cooking – and we don’t blame you.

After a full days work, there’s often an expectation to generate a fresh inventory of recipes, before heading on the Great Grocery Journey, which is not only time-consuming, but can often result in unnecessary spontaneous purchases (hello dark chocolate and popcorn puffs!) and frustration in long queues. Plus there’s the added ‘fun factor’ of not being able to find what is on your list. Then of course, once you’re home, there’s the tedious task of hauling your heavy grocery bags into the kitchen and unpacking. And as you walk in the door, the first thing you’ll often hear is “so what’s for supper?”. And let’s not even get started on wastage. If you manage to get through all the salad leaves before they goes off – hats off to you! In truth, you’re a superhero if you make it this far. And this is all before you’ve even started cooking.

At Daily Dish, we understand that you have a million things to think about on the daily, but that your daily dish shouldn’t be one of those things. That’s why co-owner Diane de Villiers started Daily Dish in 2012:

“I use to work 12 hour days at a high-flying, high-pressure job. I loved cooking and eating well, but I just didn’t have the energy to go through the process required to getting food together. I thought – there must be a better way to feed my family nutritious food. Turns out – there was. I just had to create it!”

Basically, the Daily Dish removes all the pre-cooking ‘slog’ out the way for you – leaving you with only the fun part to enjoy and master. Diane explains:

“We’ll come up with tried and tested recipes. We’ll source the highest quality, wholesome and fresh ingredients. We’ll pre-packaged and measure everything for you to eliminate wastage. And we’ll tell you the order in which you should cook your food,” explains Diane. “All you need to do is subscribe to receive a Daily Dish dinner box delivered straight to your office or front door once a week and unpack the box (which acts as a mini fridge that lasts for 8 hours after delivery to ensure all the food is fresh) into your actual fridge. We provide 4 recipes per week depending on your selected dietary choice. All that is left for you to do is come home, pick up the recipe card, and create something from scratch without worrying about what to make, how to make it, and what to use – because we’ve done all the worrying all for you!”

With Daily Dish, we want food to become your friend again. There is a reason we’re not delivering ready-made meals to your doors. The point is to encourage family connection, and what better way than to do it over food?

Let’s Daily Dish treat you!

Enjoy a complimentary Fairview Cheese Box worth R350 + R250 OFF
when you place an order for your first dinner box now!

This blog post was brought to you by Daily Dish

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