All Sorts of Fun { Liquorice Lovin’ }

by Claire Minnaar

liquorice all sorts fun ideas

Who can resist a bright, colourful, sugary, moreish bag of Liquorice All Sorts? These tempting treats are the epitome of jolly good fun and packed with oodles of sweetness. Add a dash of colour to the house, the playroom or the next kiddies’ birthday party on your agenda with these All Sorts ideas:

  • Use mini All Sorts as beads and thread them onto fishing line with a needle – ideal “jewellery” favours for a girly birthday party.
  • Revamp an old chair or chest of drawers with licks of colourful paint to look like a grand pile of liquorice All sorts.
  • Make mini liquorice trees for the party table. Simply attach the candy pieces to an apple or lemon using toothpicks, poke a dowel stick into the “tree head” and plant it in a container.
  • Use craft clay to create make-believe liquorice pieces which you can then use to make quirky jewellery or as fun decorations around the house.
  • Paint liquorice All Sorts on the kiddies’ bedroom walls and shelves to effectively turn the room into a candy paradise.
  • To build on the liquorice room theme, invest in plump brightly colour bean bags and scatter cushions that resemble All Sorts, plus cubes that are painted to look like giant candy pieces.
  • Make liquorice skewers which can either be dipped in a chocolate fountain or packed in the lunchbox for yummy snacking.
  • Instead of merely decorating a cake or cupcake with All Sorts, frost the entire birthday cake to look like one big square piece of colourful liquorice.

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