Hanging Shoes { Get Organised! }

by Claire Minnaar


A jumble of shoes in the bottom of the closet or piled under the bed is every neat-freak mom’s worst nightmare. And let’s not even talk about those frantic moments when you’re in a desperate hurry and can’t get your hands on a matching pair!

While there are many ways to organise shoes in boxes and containers, hanging them is certainly one of the most effective as it also keeps them free of dust and dirt. Here are a couple of ideas for suspending your stunning walkers and organising your shoe cupboard:

  • Hook your shoes onto clothing hangers – those with clips work exceptionally well – so that you can hang it inbetween your outfits for easy mixing and matching.
  • Attach old strip molding to the wall in your bedroom and hook the shoes onto the ledge by their heels.
  • Use towel hooks to hang running shoes by their laces or hook your stilletos by the heels.
  • Attach coat hooks to the wall by the backdoor and simply slide gumboots over the long pegs – the angle ensures that water won’t find its way into the boot.
  • Tie your trainers’ lace together and simply drape them over the hanging rod of your clothing cupboard.
  • As a bonus idea – turn your odds and ends into planter pots! Simply plant small plants in a selection of old shoes for interesting décor pieces to hang in the garden – very whimsical indeed.

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