A multi-tasking mom makes moves into the tech space

by Claire Minnaar


While the tech industry may be largely populated by men, entrepreneur and mother of two, Amanda Reekie, has etched out her own path and found her groove in this fast-growing and competitive space.

Inspired by her father, an entrepreneur, Amanda knew she wanted to run her own business, “I’d been working for a dot.com startup called inthebag and despite being offered some corporate jobs, I just couldn’t see myself in that space any longer so I started a marketing strategy and research business, imagineNATION Alliance. More recently, we have developed a smartphone-based research tool called ovatoyou.

Amanda’s most recent brainchild, ovatoyou, works hand-in-hand with traditional research, offering consumers a space to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences. This always-on access to consumer feedback offers brands invaluable insight into how their product is being received in the market place. Amanda has unwavering confidence in her product and believes it is a reliable tool to be used in the mobile research world. “We are very ambitious, we want to influence the way that research is done in South Africa, growing not only our local base but also having an African presence as well”.

Not without its challenges, Amanda’s career has grown from strength to strength and she’s learnt invaluable skills along the way, “I’ve learnt that it’s important to know when to delegate work and not try to do everything on your own”.

Amanda admits that striking the perfect balance between growing her new business and remaining an anchor in her family’s life isn’t always easy, “It is the hardest, most insane juggling act but I think that is true for all working women. I get up early and work, but take time out in the afternoon to enjoy my kids.

An inspiration to women and specifically mothers who have the drive to join, or move up, in the working world, Amanda smiles while she shares that, “my personal satisfaction derived from watching both your babies and your business grow simultaneously, is immeasurable.

For more information on Ovatoyou, check out her website: http://bit.ly/1uFxOQV

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