Framed & Fabulous!

by Claire Minnaar

Until very recently frames have been used for displaying pictures, and pictures alone. However these days picture frames are more of a focal piece than ever before and with a dash of creativity this simple element can turn a whole room upside down. In a good way, of course.

  • Create a beautiful focus wall by grouping frames of the same shape and size together to create an organised yet striking ensemble.
  • For a wall with a little more whimsy and character to it, use a variety of odd bot, mix-and-match, this-and-that frames.
  • Jazz up old frames by giving them a fresh coat of paint – be adventurous with the colour choice. Even those old certificates on the study wall can do with a colourful frame.
  • Replace the back of the picture frame with a mirror and mount it on the wall to add extra dimension to your living room or passage.
  • Fill a large frame with photos or a piece of pretty wallpaper and lay it flat on the surface of your coffee table.
  • Replace the glass of the frame with a sheet of wood and use it as a beautiful serving tray.
  • Make your own stylish memo board by replacing the glass and back with a chalk board.
  • Frame exceptional and eye-catching pieces of wallpaper and hang it on the wall. Three door-height frames on a wall can be incredibly striking and is perfect if you don’t want to stick wallpaper straight onto the wall.
  • Rummage around second hand stores for retro or vintage posters – they make excellent focus pieces.
  • Nothing! Let the frames themselves be the centre of attention for a change.
  • Frame the wall, i.e. remove the back panels of the frames and hang them on the wall as is.
  • Display your unique collections, such as old stamps, records, matchboxes and even baseball cards – they’re sure to be quite the conversation piece.
  • Frame your favourite quotes or passages and hang it on the wall as a little mental encouragement.
  • Slide a textured paper of your choice into an A4 frame and use it as a place mat – too lovely.

For more Frame ideas for your home plus the original photos above and their credits, please make sure to check out the Fantastic Frames Pinterest Board.

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