Floating Plants { Hanging décor }

by Claire Minnaar


Hanging greenery has taken the décor world by storm and it’s not difficult to see why. Designed with restricted spaces and gardenless homes in mind, hanging plants take gardening to a whole new level – no pun intended. I especially love the idea of suspending a pot or three from the kitchen ceiling, housing fresh herbs for cooking or just adding a splash of colour to the culinary environment.

Whether you invest in specially designed hanging containers or make your own with a planter pot and a length of string, this elevated décor piece is guaranteed to invite a little sunshine into your home and life. Here are a couple of tips for ensuring that your hanging plant thrives:

  • Fill the pot with equal parts soil and plant food as this creates just the right weight balance – light enough so the string won’t snap yet heavy enough so the plant will hang in place.
  • Because a hanging pot is more exposed to the elements from all angles, it tends to lose moisture at a much faster rate. It’s therefore advisable to water it often and add moisture retention granules to the soil to keep the plant nourished – available from your nearest garden shop.
  • Unlike plants in the garden, the hanging plant can only draw nourishment from the soil in the bowl, so be sure to fertilise it well and often.
  • Take the plant’s wants and needs into consideration when choosing its hanging spot – for instance, does it prefer shade, can it resist wind, and so forth.
  • Rotate the basket every so often to ensure that every inch of the plant is treated to a bit of sunshine – you might want to invest in a swivel hook to simplify the rotation.
  • Take the hanging plant down during the off season and place it in the garden or with other potted plants until it’s restored to its former lush green glory.

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