DIY Water Feature { Step by Step }

by Claire Minnaar


Where there’s water, there are The Minnaar Boys! My kids will find water in a desert – it’s quite simply their most favourite thing in the entire world! So, finding fun ways to help them enjoy their water activities is always something I’m on the lookout for and well, so recently, I started looking at water features that will benefit the garden’s over look-and-feel and my boys!

There’s something so incredibly soothing about a water feature – and it’s even more satisfying to watch the gentle trickle of water when you built that feature with your own hands!

What you’ll need:

  • A water pump – submersible (available at most hardware stores)
  • A length of pipe that fits the outlet of the water pump
  • Plastic basin (this will serve as an underground reservoir of sorts)
  • A large brick
  • A metal screen
  • Metal cutters
  • Garden stones and rocks

Now let’s get started:

  1. First, you need to find a spot for your water fountain in the garden.
  2. Dig a hole that’s big enough for the plastic basin to fit in.
  3. Next, place the basin inside the hole where you then secure it by putting the brick inside the basin.
  4. Place your water pump right in the middle of the basin.
  5. Now cut your metal sheet to fit over the basin – it can be a little wider than the bucket, not a problem! Just make sure the basin is covered from side to side.
  6. Use your metal cutters to make a hole in the middle of the metal sheet for the water pump’s pipe and electric cable to run through.
  7. Connect the pipe to the pump, feed the pipe and cable through the hole of the metal sheet, and place the sheet in position over the plastic basin.
  8. Run the power cord to an outdoor electricity source.
  9. Fill the basin by pouring water through the metal sheet.
  10. Conceal the metal with garden and river stones, and build a little stone pile around the water pipe sticking out the middle of the metal sheet.

And there you have it! Switch on the power and wait for the water to start trickling over the stones.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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