Car Find APP: Time Saver, No Brainer

by Claire Minnaar


Moms today have grown up with the Internet. We’re the generation who probably never have, and never will, use print classifieds to find anything – full stop. The good news is that we’re part of a generation of momtrepreneurs who know that someone’s built something better, and it’s waiting for us in the cloud or on our mobile app store.

Drum roll, the Auto Trader App…..

Let’s face it; finding a car to buy can be a daunting task for many women. Especially second-hand cars and all the extra insight you need to apply in your decision-making. For Moms who are balancing family life with a thriving career, it can be a serious time waster too. That’s why we appreciate the features Auto Trader have included.

Here are our top three:

  1. Select ONLY the make, model, year, price, mileage that you are looking for. No back buttons. Simply use the sliders to refine your
  2. Find cars within kilometers of your location (drilling down to province only, is simply not helpful). Navigate directly to the seller’s location using the in-built Google Maps service. Nifty!auto-trader-2
  3. Contact the seller directly. With a tap of the finger, navigate to their website, email or call them. (No more time wasting forms to fill out.)


Where do I get it?

The app is free to download. It will work on your iPad: download it here. And on your Android device: download it here.


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