DIY Toy Storage Ideas

by Claire Minnaar


Keeping the home spic ‘n span is already a mission in itself – and that’s before we’ve even taken the kids’ rooms into account! These simple and efficient storage ideas, however, will ensure that the kiddies’ playroom is the least of your household worries:

  • Hang wire planter baskets from the walls at varying heights so kids can reach and store their toys themselves, without hassle.
  • Convert an old wooden crate or basket into a toy “trolley” by attaching wheels to the base. This allows for easy storage under beds, for instance.
  • Apply magnetic strips or panels to the inside of cupboard doors or to the walls to which metallic toys like mini cars will automatically stick.
  • Grab a couple of cheapie shoe racks at the local discount store and use it to store and organise all types of odds and ends. You can even go as far as to label the various compartments.
  • Whoever said vegetable racks are meant for veggies alone? Use these stackable containers in the kids’ room, and mix and match the colours to match their room décor.
  • Attach a number of hooks to the wall to hold items like cricket bats and dress-up gear. Alternatively, hang plastic buckets from these hooks which can hold soft toys, building blocks and so forth.
  • Create a display space for toy cars in the boys’ room by attaching simple wooden beams to the walls that are just broad enough to hold a line of cars.
  • Make one big round draw string bag which opens up into a “playing mat” of sorts. When playtime is over, it’s a matter of pulling on the strings and hanging the bag out of sight.

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