DIY Bow and Arrow Set

by Claire Minnaar


Whether it’s the movie Brave or the Hunger Games series, there comes a point in every child’s life when something triggers their need (or rather want) of a bow and arrow. So before you hit the toy store, have a look at this easy DIY project and whip up a set that’s safe for kids to play with and easy on the pocket:

You will need the following materials, most of which can be found at your local hardware shop:

  • A 1m piece of thin PVC pipe
  • 5 x 40cm wooden dowel sticks
  • A 15cm piece of foam pipe cover
  • A dense piece of foam (about 2cm thick, cut into 5 triangles of 5x5x5cm)
  • 2 cable ties

Now to get started – first the bow:

  • Using a handsaw, cut a 3cm slit into either end of the PVC pipe.
  • Take the nylon string and tie a large knot on the end of it – the knot needs to be big enough to keep the string from slipping through the slit in the pipe. Now slide the knot into the slit on one end of the pipe.
  • Bend the pipe to the desired curve and pull the string taught to measure how long it needs to be to keep the pipe in this curved position. Tie another knot at this point in the string.
  • Bend the pipe again and slide the second knot into the slit on the other end of the pipe so that you now have the beginnings of your bow.
  • If necessary, use a lighter or match to burn the ends of the string to keep it from fraying or the knot from untying. Wrap a piece of insolation tape around each end of the bow to keep the string from sliding out the slit.
  • Place the foam pipe cover around the middle of the PVD pipe where your child’s hand will go. Secure it to the pipe by tying a cable tie tightly around each end of the pipe cover, and then trim the ends of the cable tie.

To make the arrows:

  • Stick one end of each dowel into the side of a foam triangle to make a hole.
  • Pull it out again and coat it with glue before inserting it back into the foam triangle.
  • Make a small slit in the back end of the dowel stick for the string to slide into once your child places the arrow in the bow.

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