Repurposed River Stones

by Claire Minnaar


River stones are one of those things that kids love picking up, but when they get home the stones are soon abandoned and forgotten, collecting dust in a corner. Put these rustic gems to good use with a DIY project or two – here are some ideas:

  • Get the kids to paint and decorate the stones to look like all sorts of creatures and critters – from ladybugs and frogs to cute little bumblebees.
  • Make fun doorstops out of stones, either by using one big river stone or stacking them up (which is where the flatness comes in handy) and gluing them together.
  • River stones make the ideal paperweights – which teacher or dad wouldn’t like a personal gift for their desk?
  • Use river stones to make your own games like naughts and crosses and dominoes.
  • Paint the stones in fun and funky colours, and use them during maths hour to teach counting, multiplication and so forth.
  • Use painted stones to identify herbs in the garden. Simply use a slim brush to write the name of the herb on the flat side of the stone.
  • Small river stones are ideal for chunky mosaic, whether it be making a small table or decorating a mirror frame.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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