Wonderful Ways with Wafers

by Claire Minnaar


Wafers aren’t exactly known for being the most interesting biscuits on the shelf, but that’s about to change. Here are some fun and kiddie-friendly ideas for brightening up the oh-so humble wafer biscuit:

  • Build rainbow wafers to delight the kiddies. Simply take different flavoured wafers, stack them up and stick them together with frosting.
  • Make wafer cake pops. Peel the two sides of the wafer apart and “re-glue” them with extra frosting and a lollipop stick in the middle.
  • Dip wafers in melted chocolate and decorate with sprinkles and other cake decorations.
  • Use wafers as a yummy educational toy – whether it be to build structures or to use in counting practice.
  • Cut wafers into mini triangles and mix it into the kiddies’ cereal for an added crunchy surprise.
  • Use a frosting pen to draw interesting patterns on the wafers to make them a little more appealing.
  • Make personalised wafer biscuits for a birthday party by writing the kiddies’ names on ‘em.
  • In the same way, write words on the biscuits and use them during reading practice – for every word your little one gets correct, he or she can munch the biscuit.

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