DIY: Bear Hood Cape

by Claire Minnaar

Diy Bear Hood Cape

DIY tutorial by Xenia Kuhn, a Berlin-based fashion designer.

About Xenia Kuhn

xenia kuhn

“My family and I emigrated to Germany from the former Soviet Union in 1995. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from a Berlin Fashion School, I went to New York City to work as a designer for the luxury label Natori. While in New York, I  discovered Etsy. I returned to Berlin two years later to start my shop. In addition to being an Etsy Seller, I design costumes, author a blog, and post videos to YouTube.

Bear Hood Cape

This cape with bear ears is very easy to make. Your child will be the cutest kid on the block.

You will need:


  • Fold the knit in fourths so you have 4 layers.
  • Place the tape measure on the corner, measure down the half of the wingspan, and draw the circle with the chalk.
  • Measure down the neck radius and draw the neckline.
  • Cut out the cape pattern.


  • Draw and cut out the hood pattern.
  • Pin the edges of the hood.
  • Sew the parts together with the zigzag stitch.
  • Put a plastic hand gauge under the feet so the seam doesn’t stretch.


  • Flatten the seams with an iron if it’s stretched.
  • Turn 2 cm (1.6″) outside the hood edges and front of the cape. That way you will have a contrast piping.
  • Seal the seams with the zigzag stitch.


  • Find the middle of the neckline, match it to the middle of the hood and pin it together.
  • Pin the bottom seam of the cap.


  • Seal the seam with contrast zigzag stitching.
  • Make an eight shape from the cord and sew the ends together.
  • Attach the cord closure and button to the neck.


  • Cut out the ears.
  • Turn the ears inside out and iron them flat.


  • Attach the ears to the hood.


And voila: The cutest kid on the block!


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