Easy Curves – A Curvier You: Shapewear by Women for Women

by Claire Minnaar

Buying beautiful underwear online has never been easier. Easy Curves is an exciting new collection of exclusive shapewear for women in South Africa. A company owned by women whose focus is solely on women as they know that one size does not fit all. They provide a versatile range of under garments which include bodysuits, bras, nipple covers and padded panties that would be suitable for any dress. These items assist women in controlling or adding to their curves without any fuss bringing out a more confident inner you.

With fashion trends being unpredictable and dress coverage being quite strategic on the body – Easy Curves provides a range that would take this into consideration. Easy Curves also understands the strain our bodies go through during pregnancy. Their range offers a variety of tummy shaping belts which assist with tummy shaping / support including posture after pregnancy.

The company and online store launched earlier this month at the elegant Piano Bar in Cape Town and offers sleek and affordable underwear, perfect for expecting mothers and the every day woman looking for intuitive-fitting underwear options to maximise comfort and enhance natural curves. Easy Curves allows you to control your curves with confidence.

If you are unsure about sizing you can always call us for help and we will be more than happy to assist.

For more information on this product and where to get your hands on one, visit Easy Curves website.

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