Become a “Boss Mom” in your Own Time with GetSmarter

by Claire Minnaar

Everyone knows there’s more to being a mom than sharing gossip over coffee, reading romance novels on the patio, and watching Desperate Housewives with a glass of chardonnay in hand. As a strong woman, modern mom and independent Momtrepreneur, you understand the importance and value of up-skilling yourself and building on your expertise. Maybe you already run a business or perhaps you dream of “taking the leap” and opening your own company. However, there are so many questions: How do other mothers fit studying into their busy schedules? Do they attend classes with students? What do they even WEAR to these classes?

It was during one of these “question everything” episodes that I came across GetSmarter – an innovative learning model that is literally the answer to every single one of these questions. Offering a wide range of courses, GetSmarter encourages and enables modern women and business moms to not only learn new skills and grow their expertise, but to do so in their own time. Yes, you can literally expand your knowledge and skillset while drinking your morning coffee (without even putting on make-up or combing your hair, because who has time for that, right?)

Based entirely online, the GetSmarter team genuinely understands the vast amount of “stuff” that we as Momtrepreneurs have on our plates every single day. That’s why they’ve gone the extra mile to create a flexible supported learning experience that slots into even the most jam-packed schedule, so that you can up-skill yourself even in today’s fast-moving world. Learn to become an interior designer in between hockey practices, grow your finance capabilities while dinner’s in the oven, enhance your project management skills after the kids have been put to bed, and so much more. Because whoever said you can’t be a mom and a business woman?

Now is the time to pursue your biggest dreams – the ones you never thought were worth exploring, the ones you couldn’t afford to pursue on a student loan, and the ones you put on hold to start a family. Visit to learn more about this innovative learning programme – or dive right in and sign up for a course… to become a true Momtrepreneur.

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