Bonfire Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

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Nothing lights a fire in the heart of young and old quite like a big, roaring bonfire!


11 to 18

Colour Scheme

Rustic and warm – in other words, a combination of deep reds, browns, oranges and yellows.

Eats and Treats

This is really where the main success of a bonfire party lies, so make sure there’s plenty for the boys to snack on! Opt for food that the youngsters can cook themselves, over the open flame – think DIY braai samies, corn on the cob, stick bread, sausage for hot dogs, baked potatoes with fillings and so forth. In terms of the sweet stuff, DIY smores and grilled bananas are an absolute must, while a combination of chocolate logs, chocolate cupcakes and red and orange jelly sweets can be used to build an edible bonfire.

Fun and Games

Let the boys pitch their tents in the yard for a proper all-night bonfire or, in the case of younger kids or bad weather, allows them to build their own tents in the living room using sheets and boxes. Once around the fire, encourage them to tell ghost stories and bring their guitars to sing campfire songs – joke logs, song books, star charts and conversation cards will therefore make excellent party favours. A night time scavenger hunt is sure to add some laughter to the mix, not to mention midnight swimming.

Décor & Goodies

The decor focus will really fall on what goes on around the fire. Seating is the first place where you can get creative – choose a variety of logs, bright outdoor scatter cushions, picnic blankets. Glow in the dark bits and bobs are always a winner, not to mention the ever-popular glow sticks, sparkler sticks, lasers and mini torches. Afterwards, send younger boys home with DIY smore kits consisting of biscuits, marshmallows, chocolate and a candle.

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