Woolen Wonders { DIY Crafts }

by Claire Minnaar


Aside from knitting up jerseys and blankets and other warm little wonders, wool or yarn can be used in a number of creative ways and result in hours of kiddies’ craft fun:

  • Make a variety of pompoms of all shapes and sizes, to hang around the kids’ room and also decorate with googley eyes to turn them into mini wool monsters.
  • Alternatively attach long stems to the pompoms to make a pompom bouquet or thread the pompoms onto a long length of string for colourful “bunting”.
  • Wrap lengths of wool around a selection of old bracelets for a colouful revamp project.
  • Sculpt a heart of circle out of thick wire and weave wool around and over it to make colourful dream catchers.
  • Make your own pencil holders by simply wrapping wool around an old recycled glass jar or metal can.
  • For DIY coasters, braid three pieces of wool together and then wrap it into a tight spiral, using glue to keep it all together.
  • Have the kiddies create their very own woolen works of art, by sticking different coloured yarns along the outlines of a line drawing.
  • Hang long woolly braids from the door frame of the kids’ room so that they can have their privacy without having to shut the door.
  • Make beautifully colourful wool letters to decorate room and bedroom door, by simply wrapping the wool around wooden laser cut letters.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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