Wine Bottles { Creative Recycling }

by Claire Minnaar


The kids are with their gran, you have a couple of friends over and before you know it, the empty bottles begin to pile up – maybe more so than you’d care to admit! Before dumping the evidence in the recycling bin, consider putting the bottles to better use with these creative décor and craft ideas:

Turn the bottles into gorgeous rustic candle holders by simply slipping the base of a slim candle into the neck of the bottle. The big benefit here is that the warm runny wax dries halfway down the candle, before it even comes close to hitting the surface below!

  • Invest in a glass cutter and transform the bottles into lanterns. Simply slice off the base of the bottle and place the bottle over your candle.
  • Cover the bottle in mosaic tiles, glass pebbles, shells or fabric for a vase or candle holder that’s practically unrecognisable.
  • Create stunning focal vases by coating the bottles in metallic spray paint. Alternatively, pour your paint inside the bottle and shake it all around, so that you still maintain that glossy glass sheen.
  • Wrap the entire bottle in string or ribbon and decorate with burlap flowers, buttons and embellishments for a more rustic floral vase.
  • Coat the bottle in black board paint for easy labeling and use it as storage containers for beads, buttons and other bits and bobs.
  • Come your next fancy dinner party or Christmas time, fill the bottle with fairy lights for a stunning lighting addition.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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