Wax Paper { Kitchen Creative }

by Claire Minnaar


Wax paper isn’t something that you tend to experiment with outside the kitchen – but that’s about to change! The greatest benefit of wax paper is the fact that it is semi-transparent, letting ample light through and giving you the opportunit to create spell-binding light and shadow art pieces.

So biscuit baking aside, here are some ideas you can attempt with a seemingly banal sheet of wax paper:

  • Wax paper makes the ideal wrapping paper for edible gifts like miniature cake- or breadloaves, not to mention biscuits. Jazz up the paper with tissue paper shapes or rose petals – too pretty!
  • Create a shadow puppet theatre for the kiddies. It’s as simple as cutting out the base of a box and covering the gap with wax paper. For more details, check out the full DIY post.
  • Wax paper is ideal for tracing – whether it be in other crafts or to teach your kids to master the tracing technique. Simply place the wax paper over the picture you wish to copy, and start sketching.
  • Make beautiful votive candle holders by painting your design onto a piece of wax paper and then applying the design to your glass candle holder.
  • Alternatively, cover a wooden frame with wax paper to create a stunning paper lantern for our next dinner party.
  • Use wax paper to create interesting greeting cards – for instance, stick a dried leaf on the front of the card and cover it with a layer of wax paper for a rustic look.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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