Tugo Construction Toy Review

by Claire Minnaar


I was recently sent a Tugo construction toy to review. Now, I have 2 boys, so when you put the words “car” and “construction” together, eyes light up and there are most certainly smiles all round!

So, the parcel arrived and I collected it at the post office with my 5 year old Ethan. The size, alone, of the parcel had him smiling from ear to ear! He couldn’t wait to open the big bucket of goodies when we got home. On returning home, we took a few photos for the review and after work, my husband was summoned to the lounge floor to assist in putting the different pieces in the big bucket together to build the fancy car in the picture provided!

Product Review

  • I’m a big fan of toys that promote eye and hand co-ordination and helps with concentration, and the Tugo toy most certainly does just that. Watching my 2 boys and hubby on the floor putting the pieces together was awesome – it definitely created family time and there was fun activities all round.
  • The presentation of the goods was excellent. I cannot fault that at all. All the pieces are presented in a bucket which makes it easy to pack away when done and if you are going away for a weekend and want to bring some toys around, the bucket concept makes it easy to grab and pack.
  • I have a 2 year old who loves to do what his big brother does. The Tugo toy does have small pieces, so this is something one would need to keep an eye on if you have a small child or toddler around.
  • One thing I did like about this particular product was that you can build different things and it’s not just one typical piece you create like you would do when buying certain types of lego.
  • After running through the Tugo website, there’s a construction toy for close to any budget.
  • If you are looking for a toy that can be built in 10 minutes, this is not the toy for you. It really promotes some thought and concentration.
  • Now, something one may not think of is the confidence that creating this toy creates. My son was so chuffed with the fact that him and his Dad built this awesome car. It was taken to school and it was “ooohed” and “aaahed” at by the other kids.

If you are looking for a toy that will help with concentration, confidence, eye & hand co-ordination and promotes family time, then this is a toy I would not hesitate recommending. If you child has been diagnosed with ADD, then this toy is possibly a toy worth considering given it was born as a result of the creators son having ADD.

You can purchase the item online via their website or you can locate their toys at one of their stockists listed on their website.

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