Disney baby Product Review

by Claire Minnaar

Disney Baby has recently been launched in South African via Prima Toys. I was invited to review the new Disney Baby products, so here’s the quick rundown of each product and my overall comments!

Disney Baby Products

Teething Activity Toy

Teething days can be challenging for both Mom and Baby.

Thankfully, there are remedies available and items like the Disney Mini Mouse Teething Toy to help give relief. Place the toy in the fridge too cool down and to increase the soothing ability for baby’s sore gums.

The Mini Mouse also has a string you can pull which, when pulled, has the toy vibrate. And, there’s a mirror attached to Mini’s tummy to provide baby with some entertainment.


Babies self-sooth to help relax, unwind, keep calm and sleep.

The Mini Mouse is a cute design and the soft texture has been designed to have sensory soothing qualities – a great sleeping tool!


The plush baby rattle provides gentle rattle sounds which entertain and stimulate baby’s senses.



Ever had a screaming baby you wanted to find a dummy for in the dark? That’s just not fun! Disney Baby has brought out a Glow in the Dark Dummy which has a silicone teat (0% BPA) making it easy spot in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep.


For bottle feeding, the milk bottle is a wide neck bottle and decorated with cute Disney pictures. The bottle is 0% BPA.

Formula Dispenser

If you are a formula Mom, having a Formula Dispenser of any kind is a must! It helps you stay prepared and organised and ready to serve baby quick and easily with no spills.

Feeding Utensils

The feeding utensils are microwave safe. The Feeding Utensils product included a spoon, sippy cup with easy grip handles and a bowl.

 My Review

  • Quality – excellent quality which you would expect from Disney.
  • Design – beautiful designs of Disney characters which makes it fun, bright and colourful.
  • Convenient – convenience has clearly been taken into account with the products e.g. Formula Dispenser, Glow in the Dark Dummy, etc, so products have been well thought out.

While my kids are past the stage of teething, dummies and self-soothing, I would definitely have considered these products a good choice for my boys when they were smaller.

Where to Buy

For more information on the Disney Baby Products, get in touch with Prima Baby

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