Sleeping Beauty Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

sleeping beauty party theme

Hosting a Sleeping Beauty theme party doesn’t mean letting the energetic bunch take a nap for the entire afternoon – if only it were that easy! Instead, take a look at these sparkly ideas for your little one’s next princess party:


5 to 9

Colour Scheme

A combination of pink and aqua – the recognisable colours of Sleeping Beauty’s two most famous dresses – and soft princess pastels.

Décor & Goodies

Before Arora fell into her deep slumber, she was spinning thread on her wheel, so incorporate all types of needlework elements into the décor, like cross-stitching, wooden cotton spools, crocheted cushions, and so forth. What’s more, think all things sparkly like glitter wands and glowing mood rings, and when the night falls, let them run around with sparklers in the garden. At the end of the party, send each girl home with a DIY sewing kit or a pretty custom made scatter cushion to turn her own bed into a princess abode.

Fun & Games

If the kiddies are old enough, turn the party into a royal sleepover, and what’s the fun of being Sleeping Beauty when you can’t have a pillow fight knock-out round? Provide the girls with plenty of princess-style dress-up clothes and accessories, and perhaps let them make their own princess crowns for the occasion. Little girls love them a splash of make-up, so set up your own face-painting station where they can be turned into mini princesses.

Eats & Treats

Here you can go as far as to turn the party table into Sleeping Beauty’s bed – i.e. a pretty duvet cover over the table, with princess cushions for the girls to sit on and a mosquito net hung from the ceiling. Serve plenty of bedtime food like milk and cookies, and a variety of pink treats like cerise cupcakes, marshmallows, lollipops and candyfloss. Furthermore, spoil them with “royal” treats like pink macaroons, petit fours, sparkling grape juice, scones and iced tea in dainty little teacups, as well as crown or crest-shaped biscuits.

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