The NEW, BIGGER AND BETTER Spindel Review!

by Claire Minnaar

New 6.5 L Spindel

About a year ago I introduced a new and exciting gadget into my home. It is called the Spindel and has formed part of our everyday lives. I now have an upgraded to a bigger and better version of this amazing machine and it is definitely worth another review as this already awesome machine just got a whole lot better.

What is Spindel?

The Spindel is an amazing little helper and something that I consider to be an essential part of our life. In short, this machine saves you money on electricity and removes up to 80% of water from clothes that come straight from the washing machine in less than 5 minutes. What’s not to like!?

What this means is that your clothes are almost dry to the touch and literally only need a few minutes on the clothes line or in the tumble dryer to be completely dry. This makes a huge difference in the amount of laundry that can get done and is an absolute life saver in winter.

We have used the Spindel in all seasons and I can tell you that it significantly saved us money in winter by drastically reducing the amount of tumble dryer time we needed. With kids, there is a constant stream of laundry and the Spindel has been a real help dealing with the load.

In summer, we still use the Spindel, but this time we can add wet kids swimming costumes and towels to the mix in between swims in the pool.

The All NEW Spindel and why I love it even more!

Spindel 6.5 L Review

So, now that I have raved about our “old” Spindel, let me introduce you to the new member of our family, the 6.5 Kg Spindel!

The older model had a 4.5 kg load capacity, which is nothing to sniff at. But, as with all washing rated machines, I wished for a little more capacity, just to add that one more pair of jeans or towel. That wish has now been answered with the 6.5 kg version. The extra load capacity is amazing and allows you to add those extra few items or those bigger kids clothes.

Spindel 3D Model

I could get into all the technical specifications, but I’ll keep things simple.

In a nutshell, although is it a bigger machine, it does not take up more space as the extra capacity mainly affects the height of the machine. The new Spidel has a sleeker design, 2 extra kilos of capacity, a smooth lid locking mechanism, and appears to be quieter. Even with the extra load it does its job well!

As with the first version of the Spindel, I give this a two thumbs up review simply because I cannot imagine my life without this machine!


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