ScooTours Review

by Claire Minnaar


I recently visited Wilderness for a few days and during the time away, the group of us (family and friends) headed into Knysna to participate in one of the ScooTours that take place both morning and afternoon. We picked the afternoon slot to go and do one of these awesome tours.

We arrived on the Saturday afternoon at the Knysna Waterfront and met the tour guides. After filling in a few forms, we climbed into the combi-style car and headed off. After about a 10-minute drive from the Knysna Waterfront towards Wilderness, we turned into a restricted forest area. We drove for another 10 minutes where we came to a stop. Before actually starting any rides, the guide gave us each a helmet and gloves (I was very grateful for the gloves!).




We were each allocated a scooter and given instructions on how to proceed. Ryan, my husband, took my oldest son Ethan (7 years) with him and I took the younger one, Jake (4), with me. We headed off down a hill. It was initially quite daunting. I’m a cautious character by nature, so it took me a while, but once comfortable, I started keeping my hands off the brakes more. My husband and our friends weren’t as cautious as me and wizzed off out of sight without any hesitation. The guide was very patient with us (aka me, the slow coach) throughout the process. We did 2 stints – I can’t recall the exact distance, but it was each around 2.5km each.

(excuse the fake smiles of my kids! They weren’t interested in pics – they wanted to go go go!)

After the 2 stints, we were driven to a more adventurous path that was a few kilometres long. The guide assisting us took my son with him and I rode solo and it was great! Yes, I was the slow one AGAIN, but this time, I relaxed a bit more and used less of my brakes going down.

While I didn’t go as fast as the others, I can tell you that it was exhilarating. You reach the bottom feeling great, full of energy, ALIVE and you definitely come to a stop with a WITH A SMILE! One thing to note: When you go down the hill at a fast pace, you feel it in your arms and if you aren’t very active / fit, you may feel a little stiff the next day particularly on your arms area, but it’s really mild and you will get over it.

It’s not every day you are able to visit some of Knysna’s hidden gems and with ScooTours, you do! You get the opportunity of seeing the other side of the forest area of Knysna. You see dense forest on the road to Knysna, but you never see behind it. It’s beautiful and amazing to be a part of nature amongst the incredibly tall trees. If you listen carefully, you can hear a bit of movement in the forest – I have no clue what the movement is / was – when I heard it, I didn’t stick around to find out what it was, I let go of the scooter’s breaks and kept on moving!

(Look at Jake’s face – he’s 4 years old and just loving it!)


Without saying much more, Jake’s face below should give you an idea on how cool and fun the tour was!


So, would I recommend giving ScooTours a try? Absolutely! It’s great and something you probably haven’t done before. If you’ve done it before, DO IT AGAIN! I know, I certainly will do it again. It’s awesome! I’m so glad we tried it and the whole gang of us had a great time and got to see and witness an area that isn’t accessible to the general public.

I asked the rest of the gang to give their feedback – here it is below:

Wow, what an adrenalin rush through the exquisite Knysna forest! This wasn’t something I would ordinarily have chosen to do – being generally quite risk-averse – but once I got on the scooter, I felt really stable and I had a great time zooming down the tracks. I didn’t go quite as fast as everyone else, but fast enough for me, and it certainly got my blood pumping! ~ Sarah 

A great experience, from access to restricted parts of the forest, to the thrill of downhill racing and good family fun. Highly recommended. ~ Doug

It was very, very exciting! It was nice to get some fresh air. I felt safe standing on the scooter with my Dad. I thought it was going to be scary but it was actually really, really fun.  ~ Finlay (6 years old)

It was awesome! Love it! Would definitely recommend it!.  ~ Ryan (my hubby)

We went so fast, it was exciting! My favourite part of it was going so fast! ~ Ethan (7 years old)

I loved it! Mommy, please can we go again?  ~ Jake (4 years old)

Note to Parents: If you do take your kids, be warned that some kids may not be keen on it. It can be fast and it could be scary to little minds. If that does happen, they can go along with driver to all the stops, so you won’t have to cancel your trip.

Give it a try, you will love it!

More Information

You can find more information about ScooTours on their website:

They offer tours in the Knysna, Cape Town and the Drakensberg areas.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank a few people:

  • Sarah & Amy Taylor – for the awesome photo shots
  • Brave – for the happy smile and safe driving to and from the Knysna forests
  • Thando – for being a very patient tour guide (particularly with me – the slow coach) and giving my boys the ride of their lives
  • Carina – for all your help with the organisation of the tour

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