Teacher Gift Ideas

by Claire Minnaar


We are approaching that time of year again where it’s time to buy your child or children’s teacher a gift as a thank you for everything they have done for you and your child during the past year. I have already seen questions on various forums and Facebook pages of Moms trying to work out what to buy their kid’s teacher! So, today’s blog post is all about what to buy your teacher for your year end gift!

First, and foremost, when deciding what to buy a teacher, keep in mind their personality. Over the year, you will have chatted with them and gotten to know their personality which is sure to have given you some clues! Make sure to also chat to your child about their teacher – often teachers share stories about themselves and let’s face it – who will know your teacher better?

Once you have identified what type of things they may like, have identified how much you are prepared to spend (yes, you NEED a budget), you can get your booty over to the mall and start shopping!

Here are a couple of ideas on what you can buy for the teachers in your life:

  • A beautiful notebook that he / she can make notes on in the New Year.
  • Customised coffee mug with the teacher’s name on it or a cool slug line like “My Students Think I am kind of a big deal” or a cute message from your child to them like “Thank you for everything you do”.
  • Get creative and put a hamper together in a small basket or crate. Goodies that always go down well are candles, bubble baths, soaps, shower gel, etc.
  • Vouchers are always quick and easy if getting out to go shopping is an issue or you really have no clue what to buy the teacher. Spa vouchers or even a voucher to an online store is a great gift.
  • Tote bags are everywhere to be seen these days. People use them to go to the beach or for grocery shopping or even as an everyday bag. Many shops sell them with a variety of designs. Look around online and in local stores – you’re sure to find one that will please!
  • I’m confident that many teachers enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. A bag of ground coffee along with a mug or small plunger is also a great gift that they can enjoy!
  • If you enjoy doing some DIY, you can get creative with some Consol jars and some cookies or sweeties. Fill the jars with your selection of sweets or cookies and decorate with some washi tap and finish it off with a little custom-made gift tag tied to the jar with some string.
  • If the teacher is a nature lover, consider a pop plant or vase with flowers with a ribbon and note with a message such as “Thank you for helping me grow”. From a bonsai tree to something small like a mini cactus works well for a pot plant. For a vase of flowers, choose something in season and flowers that will last.
  • Head on over to a stationery store that sells beautiful goodies and look for pretty stationery items you could create a gift out of such as paper clips, pretty paper and envelops, paper clips, stickers and so on.
  • If budget is an issue, a beautiful card with a yummy chocolate is always a sure winner!
  • Other random ideas include beautiful key ring, a décor item like a pillow or throw, a nice bottle of wine, mini chalk boards in a lovely shape, make-up / cosmetic bag, jam, candy bouquet and more.
  • A hamper of sorts is always nice – packed with beautiful goodies and wrapped in a pretty box or bag!

Do you have some suggestions? Please leave a comment below – I always welcome extra tips!

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Vee November 21, 2014 - 9:12 am

What a lovely round up of some great ideas for teacher’s gifts. I actually have something to add if you wouldn’t mind. I have created some lovely posters that are personalised for your little one’s teacher and can be either laminated or framed for gifting. You can see samples over on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WithFlair


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