How I Used Blueberries, Beehives and Solar Energy to Teach my Kids about Investing

by Claire Minnaar

As a mom, I’m always, always, always on the lookout for ways to clean two messes with one rag (because killing birds, even metaphorically, isn’t something I like to support). If you look in my kitchen, cleaning cupboard or bathroom, you’ll find so many products that serve some sort of dual purpose – because time isn’t just money, it’s an incredibly rare commodity when you’re a mom, right?

Recently, however, I came across an app that made me question why I’m not applying this “two spiders with one stone” (rather spiders than birds, right?) mentality to other areas of my family’s lives. Like investments, for instance. Even if your kids are still in diapers, you’ve most likely started thinking of ways to invest in their education and their future. So imagine my absolute elation when I heard about the Fedgroup Impact Farming app that allows you to not only invest, but invest in sustainability!

What on earth can you invest in?

This ingenious new app allows you to invest in your child’s future by investing in:

  • Blueberry farming: Buy a blueberry bush (R300) on a smart farm, and get between 12 and 14% returns per year.
  • Bee hives: Buy a beehive (R4 000) and get between 14 and 16% return on your investment per year. 
  • Solar panels: Buy a solar panel (R5 000) to be installed at a shopping centre or business, and earn between 10 and 12% returns every year.

Essentially, the sustainability farmers will do all the heavy lifting while your family earns the rewards. This means that, while you’re investing money for your child’s education, you’re also investing in the world that they’ll one day inherit. Forget dual purpose cleaner and scarves that double as skirts – in my opinion, the Fedgroup Impact Farming app is the ultimate “dual purpose” product available on the market today.

I’m always preaching to my children about saving money and saving the environment, and I’m constantly looking for ways to teach them important habits like recycling and good money management. So the one aspect of this app that makes me extra excited is the fact that you can invest in your child’s name – all they need is a valid ID number, and they’re set to go! After all, what better way to teach our little ones about investment returns than by demonstrating it with blueberries and honey?

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